Friday, April 30, 2010

Week in Review

I thought I'd try something different today, a little Week in Review, don't expect this to be a consistent feature, since nothing I do is consistent, but here goes. I am also inviting the Company Girls over for coffee for the first time. Welcome!
-Went to the library on Sunday and finally returned the 3 children's books we've had out since January.
-Called a potential preschool for next year.
-Scheduled a speech evaluation for T (I'd been procrastinating).
-Whole family went to church on Sunday.

-The usual poor time manangement. Got sucked into the internet and failed to play with my children. :-(
-Still haven't written Easter thank you notes.
-Forgot to defrost the beef for today's crockpot beef stew so I'll be scrambling to make something else for dinner instead.
-No exercise. None, zilch, nada. :-(

Feeding therapy
We've been doing feeding therapy for a few months to try to expand L's diet. We have sticker charts for a bunch of foods. So far, he's added chicken nuggets, american cheese, and ham (dipped in ketchup, yum); we're working on rice, mac 'n' cheese, french fry/tater tots, and guacamole/avocado.
-This week he got stickers for eating chicken, rice, and tater tots, earning a prize for the tater tots.
-Yesterday I sent cheese ravioli and chicken breast. L wouldn't eat the ravioli, but apparently he enjoyed eating the chicken dunked in marinara sauce. (We tried to replicate that success at dinner and he grudgingly ate one bite.)

Movies, tv, media
-Last weekend we watched The Squid & The Whale. It was awful--bad, disturbing, kids in trouble but not getting help. Bad.
-Finally saw The Blind Side. Loved it! Want to own it.
-Started watching Moon. Weird, but intriguing.
-Project Runway finale (I know it aired last week, but it took me till the weekend to watch it)--I think Seth Aaron's win was totally deserved, he had the best collection. Although Emilio rocked throughout the season, I didn't like his collection. Mila did a great job and I thought she had a better attitude during the final episodes than she had during the season. (On the other hand, I think Emilio's head swelled to enormous proportions, I didn't like that.)
-Glee this week--I didn't love the songs (except for the Beautiful number, which was awesome), but I LOVE Kristin Chenowith and I liked that Mercedes and Kurt both got to shine. Love Kurt's voice but didn't love his song. Kinda bummed that Sue got credit for doing the Beautiful thing, but whatever.
-I love that Sandra Bullock adopted a child in January. It makes me happy to know that through all the ugly divorce and tabloid stuff, she had this little boy to love and focus on. Congratulations to her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i just popped over for coffee! Cute idea, the week in review...I may do that next week! The library book note made me feel the teeniest bit of dread as I look over at the stack on my toy box and wonder how long ago they were due...hmmm a trip for tomorrow I think :) If you get a chance come and check me out: