Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You--April Edition

So I saw this over at Merry's blog and decided to join in. I want to write a WFMW post today but that takes pictures and thought and TIME, which I don't have. Anyone else find that you can keep up with housework OR your blog, but not both? (Who am I kidding, I can't keep up with anything!) Anyway, this link-up is hosted by Tales of the Fairy Blogmother, here goes:

1. Do you have a library card?
Yes, I finally got one about a year ago. I check out usually 3 books at a time for the kids (and occasionally a book for myself), but I'm terrible at returning them--thank goodness I can renew them online!!! So I'm working on that, and hopefully the kids and I will go again soon and return the 3 books we've had for months and find some new ones. :-)

2. To carry on with the theme, would you purchase a digital reader like the Kindle?
Originally, I thought "why bother?" It's expensive. I like to accumulate books. But recently hubby has been researching it and we may do it. If we get the Nook, we'd have access to all public domain books for free which I guess includes lots of classics, plus it's cheaper to buy a digital book than a real one, and I have this thing against hardcover books (the high price and I hate dust jackets and the hard binding, I'm weird I know) so in this case I wouldn't have to wait for the paperback. So we're considering it. We'll see.... (Or we could, you know, use the library, that's ALL free! So I don't know!)

3. Which night of the week is fright night (aka your busiest night of the week)?
Actually most weeknights are pretty much the same, but I'll choose Thursday because that is my hardest day (feeding therapy at 3 pm so neither kid naps--scary!) so by evening, I'm pretty darn frazzled.

4. Watching Idol? Who are you picking to win?
I don't watch AI. Other than the audition episodes, I've only watched one full season (the one with Chris Daughtry). So I can't pick a winner.

5. Do you have a clothesline?
Interesting question. Living in Phoenix we certainly have the heat and sunshine for it! But no, I don't have an outdoor clothesline. It's too much hassle to take clothes outside and back in, plus I don't want to worry about bugs and dirt getting on my clothes. I do hang a lot of our clothes to dry (to avoid shrinkage) but I hang them indoors on a drying rack.

Check out more "Knowing Me..." responses here. (You should play along, let me know if you do!) Have a great day!!!

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Tracey said...

Great questions and answers! We would be so lost without our library card; we're there at least once a week checking out books. I wouldn't mind trying a Kindle, but don't think it could ever replace the feel of an actual book in my hand. I would like to try a clothesline, but we can't have one in our neighborhood.

As to your opening question - I do find it very difficult to keep up with housework and my blog! Therefore, I'm off the computer to go put a chicken in the crock pot!