Friday, July 17, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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I have two housework blitzes to report this week. First, on Friday (7/10), I did a 30 minute blitz. I set the timer for 25 minutes and accomplished the following:
-load and start the dishwasher
-409 the countertop
-scrub pots and pans
-fold and put away towels (the timer rang during the folding, I continued 5 more minutes till done)

On Monday, I set the timer for 30 minutes: started dinner (put chicken on to boil), loaded the dishwasher, and started organizing a dumping-ground area of my kitchen counter. I wasn't able to complete that project during this blitz, but I came back to it later and finished. To see more on that "tackle," see this post.

Sadly, I didn't work on my official project this week. However, that was because I've been working on a different task this week: packing up three boxes of hand-me-downs to send to friends/family. That too remains a work-in-progress, but the girl box is nearly ready to ship!

As of this writing, I can't see a Linky thing on Organized Everyday. I don't know if it's my technical difficulty or hers. Anyway, I wanted to report my progress. I'll keep checking and hopefully link up soon. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday--messy counter

I'm really excited about what I tackled yesterday. It's this area of my kitchen counter that has been a messy dumping ground for as long as I can remember. I was inspired by a 3-drawer organizer I saw in a Walmart mailer (I actually didn't buy the one in the ad but found another one that's a bigger size at an even better price) and got to work. Here's the area before:

A lot of the stuff was just trash! We had several bottles of expired prescription medicines that I tossed. I moved the silver bar set into the Cupboard of Randomness, it was just gathering dust. A few other things were relocated. Then, once I was down to what I was keeping, I cleared the area, 409'd the counter, and filled my containers. Here's the after:

Inside the 3-drawer organizer: top drawer is a package of straws, middle drawer is adult meds (cough drops, Airborne), bottom drawer is kid stuff (yeast cream, saline nose drops, thermometer, nail clipper). In the purple container: tall meds like Tylenol and Chloroseptic. I kept the bubble machine there for lack of a better place to put it--maybe when the rest of my house is organized it will find a new home. (The lap pad and A&D ointment remain in their old home in the front corner of the counter because they are used at every diaper change.)

In case you're wondering, the 3-drawer organizer was $6.50 at Walmart and the purple container was $1 at Dollar Tree. Gotta love cheap organizing! For more tackles, go to 5 Minutes For Mom. Thanks!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blitz It Friday--Big Project cont...

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Okay, after three weeks of not accomplishing my project goals, I realized the problem: I was putting it off till later in the week and then life happens and nothing gets done. So this week, I aimed to work on the project early in the week, to make sure it got done. I put it on the to-do-list for Monday, it didn't get done. I put it on the to-do-list for Tuesday, there wasn't an opportunity. I put it on the to-do-list for Wednesday and I succeeded! I set the timer for 30 minutes, dragged all my stuff to the living room, and filed. Here's a DURING photo (notice T's legs in the exersaucer, she was my "companion" during the blitz):
I was worried about starting up where I left off, but it was satisfying to come across things and think, I have a file for that! Here are my AFTER photos. See how little is left in the basket?! (Keep in mind though, I have another basket to sort, plus another box and basket to file.)
And here's what the box of files looks like now:

Once again, this coming week's goal is 30 more minutes of filing and sorting.

I had an unconventional blitz yesterday that I also wanted to share. It wasn't officially a blitz because I didn't set a timer, I briefly checked email, and I was constantly checking on T, but in 45 minutes I made brownies (from a mix), browned ground beef, and assembled enchiladas for dinner. By my standards, that was a lot of cooking time in a row. Of course the payoff was a delicious dinner and dessert. :-)

For more blitzing, check out Organized Everyday. Thanks!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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Well, I thought I wouldn't be posting this week (again) because I didn't manage to work on my project this week (again). In my defense, I got everything assembled in the living room on Wednesday around 5pm, but then T woke up and hubby came home. So no "big project edition" today.

I did however do an awesome (by my standards) blitz this morning. One hour and I cleared a cluttered corner in my master bedroom. Yea! First, I put things that had a place back where they belonged, like games into the closet. Then the piles of CDs went into the rack (tedious). That cleared space for me to move the plastic storage drawer thing against the wall to multitask as a nightstand. Moved books, clothes, trash, recycling etc. till I found a path to the bed and a place to sleep. Woohoo! In the final minutes, I folded the towels from the dryer and moved clothes from washer to dryer.

For more blitzing, head to Organized Everyday. Thanks!