Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday--messy counter

I'm really excited about what I tackled yesterday. It's this area of my kitchen counter that has been a messy dumping ground for as long as I can remember. I was inspired by a 3-drawer organizer I saw in a Walmart mailer (I actually didn't buy the one in the ad but found another one that's a bigger size at an even better price) and got to work. Here's the area before:

A lot of the stuff was just trash! We had several bottles of expired prescription medicines that I tossed. I moved the silver bar set into the Cupboard of Randomness, it was just gathering dust. A few other things were relocated. Then, once I was down to what I was keeping, I cleared the area, 409'd the counter, and filled my containers. Here's the after:

Inside the 3-drawer organizer: top drawer is a package of straws, middle drawer is adult meds (cough drops, Airborne), bottom drawer is kid stuff (yeast cream, saline nose drops, thermometer, nail clipper). In the purple container: tall meds like Tylenol and Chloroseptic. I kept the bubble machine there for lack of a better place to put it--maybe when the rest of my house is organized it will find a new home. (The lap pad and A&D ointment remain in their old home in the front corner of the counter because they are used at every diaper change.)

In case you're wondering, the 3-drawer organizer was $6.50 at Walmart and the purple container was $1 at Dollar Tree. Gotta love cheap organizing! For more tackles, go to 5 Minutes For Mom. Thanks!

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The Proverbs Wife said...

Good for you on getting this area tackled. I can relate to your comment regarding grimy tub floors.

It's so discouraging to know how hard you cleaned and scrubbed yet ...no change in appearance.

I found the grill scrapper for about $1.50 at a $1 General store. I plan to invest in one for each bathroom.

Thanks for sharing your tackle. Looks like you've been tackling alot lately. Good for you.