Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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Well, I thought I wouldn't be posting this week (again) because I didn't manage to work on my project this week (again). In my defense, I got everything assembled in the living room on Wednesday around 5pm, but then T woke up and hubby came home. So no "big project edition" today.

I did however do an awesome (by my standards) blitz this morning. One hour and I cleared a cluttered corner in my master bedroom. Yea! First, I put things that had a place back where they belonged, like games into the closet. Then the piles of CDs went into the rack (tedious). That cleared space for me to move the plastic storage drawer thing against the wall to multitask as a nightstand. Moved books, clothes, trash, recycling etc. till I found a path to the bed and a place to sleep. Woohoo! In the final minutes, I folded the towels from the dryer and moved clothes from washer to dryer.

For more blitzing, head to Organized Everyday. Thanks!

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Organizing Mommy said...

Yeah!! Good job. These past two weeks have not been overly conducive to big projects for us either. I guess the weekly reminder is what we both need! Just a little enouragement here and there..