Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things I Love Thursday--So You Think You Can Dance

Ever since I started reading the blog "Diaper Diaries," I've wanted to write a TILT post, because I am nothing if not opinionated. So now she's made a carnival of it (is that the right term?) and here I am.

This week I'm lovin' on "So You Think You Can Dance." I'm not a reality tv junkie, I think a lot of it is garbage, but I enjoy the programs that showcase talented people showing off their skills (why I also love "Project Runway"). So right now SYTYCD is my favorite show. Unlike "American Idol," where I watch the auditions and turn off the actual competition, with SYTYCD, I skip the auditions and go straight into the top 20. By then, they've found some great dancers and I enjoy seeing who can rise above their usual genre and wow on each routine. Two hours of great dancing, in the words of Martha Stewart, "it's a good thing."

Now we're down to the top 6 and I love all the men (though I can't believe Will is gone--he was so incredibly talented). I don't love Katee or Courtney, but Chelsea rocks. Mark is adorable, but I think Joshua is the best of the remaining guys, he lights up every dance he's in and while generally a hip-hop dancer, he can sell any type of dance, he just Sells It. Love him.

So I love SYTYCD and I love watching the Wednesday night show on DVR during L's Thursday nap. For more things people love, visit Diaper Diaries.

Kids Eat Free

I think it's great that restaurants promote nights when kids eat free or at low cost. That's gotta be great for parents in these cash-strapped times. But it's frustrating to see all these great promotions and know they are irrelevant for my family. First of all, L always eats free--cuz if we ever go to a restaurant, I bring L his organic rice krispies, baby food or whatever. Second, we rarely go to restaurants, because we can't keep L occupied and happy while we eat and he doesn't.

Our air-conditioner died at the beginning of July so we had to spend a few days in hotels until a new one could be installed. The first night, we found ourselves at a restaurant without anything to feed L. I apologized to the waitress that I wasn't better prepared and asked if perhaps they had some carrot sticks for him and she said they did and apple as well (yea, another approved food). Now, I had brought a variety of toys, but neither those nor the carrots and apple slices could keep him happy.

So regardless of all the neat Kids Eat Free promotions, I don't see us eating out again anytime soon. Lest you think we are totally deprived, you should know we take advantage of takeout All The Time. Yummm.


A) I'm 7 months pregnant. It's been a tough pregnancy, so I haven't done food trials since we did broccoli in January (and took a brief stab at beef that went nowhere).

B) Broccoli guaiac card was negative--so that makes 11 approved foods (though it's pretty irrelevant since L won't eat it except disguised in squash or sweet potatoes).

C) Speech is going super well. L's speech really took off this spring and he'll say anything and everything, though he's tough to understand since he just has about one syllable per word. So we're working on ending sounds so we can distinguish book from bike from bag etc. And in the last week he's been saying "daddy" and "mommy" very clearly (previously "mama" and "dada" and then "mah-ee" and "dah-ee").

Finally, I'm going to try to resurrect my blog by doing some memes/carnivals, which is kind of scary since it will invite people to this blog which I've never done before. But I've really been enjoying reading mom blogs and I'm eager (if apprehensive) to join the community. So I'll keep updating on the EE and apraxia and Life with L in general (and life with a baby girl to be named later), but sprinkle in other randomness as well (cuz random is my middle name).