Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kids Eat Free

I think it's great that restaurants promote nights when kids eat free or at low cost. That's gotta be great for parents in these cash-strapped times. But it's frustrating to see all these great promotions and know they are irrelevant for my family. First of all, L always eats free--cuz if we ever go to a restaurant, I bring L his organic rice krispies, baby food or whatever. Second, we rarely go to restaurants, because we can't keep L occupied and happy while we eat and he doesn't.

Our air-conditioner died at the beginning of July so we had to spend a few days in hotels until a new one could be installed. The first night, we found ourselves at a restaurant without anything to feed L. I apologized to the waitress that I wasn't better prepared and asked if perhaps they had some carrot sticks for him and she said they did and apple as well (yea, another approved food). Now, I had brought a variety of toys, but neither those nor the carrots and apple slices could keep him happy.

So regardless of all the neat Kids Eat Free promotions, I don't see us eating out again anytime soon. Lest you think we are totally deprived, you should know we take advantage of takeout All The Time. Yummm.

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