Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A) I'm 7 months pregnant. It's been a tough pregnancy, so I haven't done food trials since we did broccoli in January (and took a brief stab at beef that went nowhere).

B) Broccoli guaiac card was negative--so that makes 11 approved foods (though it's pretty irrelevant since L won't eat it except disguised in squash or sweet potatoes).

C) Speech is going super well. L's speech really took off this spring and he'll say anything and everything, though he's tough to understand since he just has about one syllable per word. So we're working on ending sounds so we can distinguish book from bike from bag etc. And in the last week he's been saying "daddy" and "mommy" very clearly (previously "mama" and "dada" and then "mah-ee" and "dah-ee").

Finally, I'm going to try to resurrect my blog by doing some memes/carnivals, which is kind of scary since it will invite people to this blog which I've never done before. But I've really been enjoying reading mom blogs and I'm eager (if apprehensive) to join the community. So I'll keep updating on the EE and apraxia and Life with L in general (and life with a baby girl to be named later), but sprinkle in other randomness as well (cuz random is my middle name).

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