Wednesday, January 23, 2008

broccoli trial

Sunday marked the end of our broccoli food trial. It took 3.5 weeks total, the first week being wasted with L not eating any of the chopped broccoli I presented with his peas. Okay, new tactic, I started mixing the little pieces of broccoli into baby food (mostly sweet potatoes and squash, occasionally peas or carrots) and that worked. It was a ridiculous process, made slightly easier when I brought out my Magic Bullet blender to finely chop the broccoli. Glad that's over. But the bright side was the food trial forced me to bring L to the table for lunch and dinner each day, I'm rarely so diligent otherwise. We also moved L out of the high chair and into a booster at our dining table, so he's a happy camper (if only for a few minutes at a time). But because I wanted to make sure the bits of broccoli made it onto the spoon and into his mouth, I had to feed him myself, making my meals, well, more difficult. Again, glad that's over, if only for a few days.

This week is our week off of new foods. I've been meaning to make baked fries but haven't managed that yet. Today perhaps? I doubt it. Then next week we'll do a beef trial. My plan is to brown ground beef and hide it in baby food as well. (Don't ask me what good approved foods are if L won't eat them except hidden in sweet potatoes??!!)

Oh, and we see the GI doc on Friday, so we'll test L's broccoli poop card then.

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