Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We were out of L's food

We get L's formula (Neocate Jr.) from a middleman that works with our insurance called Apria. They suck. Just kidding, what sucks is getting our son's food through the mail (or UPS or Golden State or whatever!). Anyway, the shipment that was supposed to arrive on 12/29 didn't and since that was a Saturday, we were pretty much screwed (on weekdays, we can go to Children's Hospital and they'll give us a can to help us out). We had a can in our pantry (and how it came to be there is a long story I really don't want to go into) that had sat in our car for a week during our vacation--not ideal, but we cracked that open lest he starve to death (of course I'm exaggerating, he could have drunk rice milk for 24 hours). All of this to say how much it really sucks that my son's main source of nutrition cannot be found in stores.

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