Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Roundup

The Christmas party at L's playgroup turned out to be very difficult. Unlike normal weeks where snacks are at the table and I can usually keep L away without incident, at the party there were two additional tables of food and L is now tall enough to see what's on the table and grab for it. Ugh! So that was a constant struggle, I had to always be aware of where he was relative to the table, and run (and yell, as need be) across the room to stop him from grabbing, I moved some foods farther from the edge of the table etc.

So there was that, but also food was everywhere. I don't know who let their child bring a plate of food into the center of the play area (on the floor). I was unaware...until I saw L with a chicken nugget in his hand--and there was a bite out of it! So I run over and sweep my finger through his mouth (nothing was there) and then I see the bit of nugget on the floor, so he didn't eat it, but I don't know if he or someone else was the one who bit the piece off (it wouldn't be the first time L tasted something and spat it out). Ugh.

I just feel like it's getting harder instead of easier.

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