Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's resolutions

I have several "new year's resolutions," though I hate to call them that cuz we all know how successful those are. Anyway, I have some goals I want to strive toward in the new year, one of which is to always be in food trial mode. (I can't always be in a food trial, since I want to give a week between foods in case there's been bleeding, but I can always be "in the zone.") Because the only way L will ever get additional approved foods is if I'm providing him with that opportunity, no matter how frustrating or inconvenient for me, and there's always some excuse or another and it's tough, this is a two-year-old we're talking about! But the potential reward is great. So tonight, I'm putting him in the high chair (yes, I know, I'm moving him to the booster asap!) and serving chopped broccoli with his peas.

Another of my resolutions is to journal or blog once a week (ha ha, this entry counts for this week).

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