Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WFMW--"Mommy, I'm Bored" Edition

I'm looking forward to getting lots of ideas from this "I'm Bored" edition. I've already found great lists here and here --thank you, ladies! I only have a few ideas to contribute.

1. Sponge game. First, for outdoor water fun, we were introduced this game at a recent birthday party and we've adapted it at home. You put water in a bucket on one side of your yard/driveway/porch/park/whatever and you put an empty bucket/bowl on the other side of your yard/whatever. Using a big sponge (like for washing cars), you transport water from the first bucket over to the second bucket/bowl and squeeze the water out of the sponge to fill up the bowl. At parties, this is a competitive event--two teams race to fill up their bowl fastest. In our yard, L is the only one who plays and he's content to just get wet while going back and forth between buckets. (And T likes to mess things up by tipping over the buckets, but that's okay because L loves refilling the bucket with the hose.)

I spent less than $2 setting this game up in our backyard. We use a sand bucket we already owned as bucket #1. And we use the pink basin we got at the hospital when T was born as bucket #2. I did go out and buy an automotive sponge though, because the kitchen sponge we tried first just didn't cut it.

Easy, fun, cheap, wet for hot summer days.

2. Indoor hopscotch. Obviously, Phoenix summers are HOT so we'll be inside a lot and I'll need some boredom-busting ideas. We got this idea from commercials on Nick Jr. See their version here. Rather than printing their stuff and ironing on tranfers etc., I'm thinking of buying a cheap dropcloth (I saw one at Kmart for about $4, can I get it cheaper elsewhere?) and maybe just painting on the squares. Whatever we do, it will be cheap and easy and we'll be able to play hopscotch in our living room. (It would be even cheaper if you had an old sheet to use, the possibilities are endless!)

3. Deer Valley Airport. Hubby took L to this regional airport this weekend. Apparently, there's a restaurant with a great view of the runways. Hubby and L shared an ice cream sundae while watching planes take off, and L had a great time. We'll definitely do this throughout the summer, as a family or just daddy and L. Do you have a small local airport you can visit? I think this is a great, cheap idea.

For lots more boredom-busting ideas, check out We Are THAT Family. Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle@Gotchababy said...

oh what fun ideas! The sponge game would thrill my kiddos. We also live near a small airport and the kids LOVE to go there and watch what's going on!

I make it a point to visit different playgrounds and library branches over the summer--my kids love it!

Bitterroot Mama said...

Cute ideas! I like the sponge game especially.

Em and Lib said...

with 4 boys - 2 older and 2 younger - the sponge game is perfect for US!!

Chels said...

Thanks for the sponge game idea-- my kids will like it this summer I'm sure!
My daughter made an indoor hopscotch from white butcher paper one day and had fun with it for quite a while. It's cheap and recyclable!

CraftyMummy said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog :)