Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Up--June 13

I had a near meltdown today. I had an IBS episode (as usual) on the way to speech today so I stopped at McDonald's to use the bathroom. Get T out of her carseat, get L out of his, trot us all into the potty. These days it's always a debate between putting T in her umbrella stroller or not. Since she was about 6 months old and outgrew her infant carseat/carrier, I've been using the stroller for these adventures, but now she's old enough to go without. It takes longer to get her in and out of the stroller, but when I don't, as was the case today--she ends up sitting on the floor--the disgusting McD's bathroom floor! Yuck!!! Then back to the car, buckle T in her seat, then L, then disinfect their hands, all of this is in 102-degree heat, I'm snapping (oh and T's shoes are on the wrong feet--long story)------I just want to be happy, I want my kids to be happy, the IBS makes it really hard to be happy. Sheesh. In those moments, I always wonder Why do I ever leave the house?. Believe me, I've tried that, but I can't stay home--both my kids are in speech therapy, L's in camp, we need groceries and prescriptions and shampoo.

L started camp at his new preschool and loves it. It's a lot of work--he needs to be in sunscreen, swimsuit, and water shoes when he arrives. I have to send a change of clothes including dry shoes, I send a snack (they provide one, but L's allergies require I send his own) and I send a lunch complete with cold pack and a thermos of Neocate.

I'm feeling really down tonight, I don't know why exactly. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I don't get enough sleep but I need my downtime after the kids go to bed. I can't finish my regular chores, let alone any projects (I'm so behind on uploading and sharing photos--and I still haven't sent thank you notes for Easter).

On to the fun stuff: tv and movies....

Glee finale--LOVED it! I love that they jumped right into the performances. I loved the Journey medley, loved what they did to "Don't Stop Believin'," loved Bohemian Rhapsody, loved Olivia Newton-John.... Great finale, wrapped up some things left others for the fall. Thumbs up.

We have been watching more crap movies lately. Gigantic was pretty good but frustrating. Here's the deal, I like movies that tie things up in a bow at the end. That, as my husband would tell you, makes me lame. But I like what I like. No bows in Gigantic and a particularly annoying loose end. Hubby really liked it. Frost/Nixon was okay but not great. We watched Avatar this weekend. Amazing special effects (I couldn't believe the Na'vi were computer-generated, wish we could've seen it on the big screen), but don't even get me started on the "white guy saves blue people" plot. Fail!

Most of our tv shows have wrapped up for the season so I've been watching chick flicks during naptime (over the course of several days). I enjoyed both Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Neither is outstanding, but hey people hook up and everything gets tied up in a nice neat bow. I couldn't decide if I liked Hugh Dancy or if he's just a poor man's Johnny Lee Miller. I preferred him in the Jane Austen Book Club. I need to watch that movie again (good thing I own it).

Top Chef Masters--an a$$hole wins again. I liked Marcus the least from the beginning (and particularly his treatment of Judy and his "I told you so" when she helped a fellow chef and ended up going home, for unrelated reasons). They didn't even like his African dish but they rewarded him for making African food. That stinks! Let's all remember that last season of Top Chef (Las Vegas), they rewarded super-a-hole Michael V. with the win too--over his nicer brother, Brian, and my favorite, Kevin. (Admittedly, those were different judges. These Masters judges did seem to do the right thing last season, giving the title to Rick Bayless over super-a$$ Michael Ciarello.)

So You Think You Can Dance started up again recently. Historically, it's been one of my favorite shows but last season was disappointing. This season I'm sad that it's only a top 10 rather than top 20 and I'm not sure how I feel about this Dancing with the All-Stars format. We'll see....

Time to chill out, eat some ice cream and watch more SYTYCD. Thanks for reading!

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