Thursday, June 24, 2010

TILT--Wired Magazine

I am a crazy mad-blogging woman today--3 posts in one day--this has to be some sort of record. But it's Thursday, which means it's time to TILT!Today's thing-I-love is really more like a thing-I-like-more-than-I-ever-thought-I-would. (Say that 10 times fast.) It's Wired magazine. Isn't that crazy? I am so not a techie!

Okay, a few months ago, hubby bought me (us) a GPS system from Amazon and it came with a free one-year subscription to Wired magazine. Turns out, there's a lot of neat stuff in this magazine. I am currently reading this article about Alcoholics Anonymous. Apparently the 12 step program Bill W. came up with 75 years ago works really well with brain chemistry to be a winning strategy for beating addiction. Fascinating! Also in this issue, I've read this and this and this, none of which really have anything to do with gadgets. (Looking around for the links in this post I've also discovered the website is pretty cool--you can read all this stuff without a scubscription!)

These days, I 'm enjoying Wired more than my parenting mags. Go figure! For more things people love, visit Jill at the Diaper Diaries. Thanks!

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