Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Project

Have you heard about this yet? Janna from The Adventure of Motherhood has started a blog called Mommy's Piggy Tales where she's recruiting bloggers to record their youth in 15 posts. Every Thursday, starting June 10, you'll write and link up your post on that week's subject (it goes year by year from kindergarten through high school, see her sidebar for the full schedule). She's organizing everyone into groups of 10 so you can really get to know the others in your group (but of course you can also hop around and read all the participants, she's up to about 40 bloggers right now).
As you know, consistency (especially in blogging) is not my strength. I debated about joining but finally took the plunge. I tend to do well with commitments and deadlines, so hopefully I'll do okay. I figure for the really long ago stuff (like up till 4th grade), I'll be sharing whatever snippets I can remember from that time. After that, I hope I'll be able to tell some fun stories, the "best of the best" from each year. Though I experienced all the usual angst and crap, overall I had a good childhood (high school notwithstanding) so it should be fun.
I'm looking forward to the challenge! I urge you to go over to Mommy's Piggy Tales and check out what Janna has going on. (She posted a funny story today from when she was four.) If it sounds like something you'd enjoy, it's easy to join in the fun--just send her an email. Like I said, it doesn't start till June 10, so there's plenty of time to think it over and even plan your first posts. Oh, and she's also forming a group (I think it's called "now and then") for inconsistent post-ers--if you aren't able to make a 15-week commitment but want to join anyway and do your best. So check it out! And of course come back here every Thursday to read about my fascinating childhood. Really, it will be thrilling, I promise. ;-)

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