Thursday, May 20, 2010

TILT--my little camcorder

Sorry for the lack of posting, it's been an insane week of illness and appointments, but now we're almost done with the tough parts of the week and I'm here to join The Diaper Diaries for Things I Love Thursday. I love my Mother's Day gift from my husband: this gadget he found at Big Lots:Now, we already have a nice camcorder that we bought when L was born and we've used it on vacation and on Christmas mornings and it's supposed to make lovely DVDs. But we don't make DVDs, we do nothing with the little "miniDVs" or whatever--ah, someday! So Hubby bought me this little camcorder (for cheap--less than $50, plus he got a discount by getting a rewards card) because (drumroll please) it makes it super easy to upload to facebook, youtube, blog, email etc. Tada!

I am not at all tech-savvy, but Hubby said it would be easy and he was right. After taking a quick video of the kids, I plugged the camera into my computer with the USB cable, it prompted me to install the software (no disc required) and within minutes my video was on facebook. A few days later I loaded a video onto my family blog. Amazing! (I should mention that hubby went to Best Buy and got some kind of SD card to give it more memory--the camcorder came with about 2 minutes of recording time, with the card we now have several hours.)
So we'll keep the bigger camcorder for vacations etc. (and one day turn them into beautiful DVD keepsakes), but this little guy is for everyday grab-the-camera moments to share with friends and family around the country, nearly instantly. Very cool.
That's my newest love, for more check out The Diaper Diaries. What are you loving today?

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i would love for paula dean to visit my house