Monday, May 24, 2010

Week in Review

This past week was insane! (Oh and I know I didn't "review" the week before that, let's just say L was sick the whole week and leave it at that.) I knew it would be insane going into it, but it was actually worse than expected because T was sick and then I got sick--so I had to do all this running around while I was congested, sneezy, nose-running and with a sore throat. As added incentive, I told myself that once I made it to Friday, I would bake myself a cake.

We went to bed Sunday night planning that L would go to preschool the next morning (after being sick the whole week before), but at 12:45am my husband and I were still awake from listening to T cough on the monitor. So plan B: turned off the monitor so we could sleep (if she started to cry, we'd hear her on L's monitor), turn off the alarm clock so no 6:45 wake up call, L would miss school and I would take T to the doctor.

Monday morning, I call in L's absence to school and hubby calls the doctor's office. Then hubby goes to work and I drag L and T to the doctor's office. I should pause here to mention that I rarely think it's worth a visit to the doctor's office for "just a cold" or really anytime I know what the problem is. Hubby, however, always wants me to take the kids to be seen. On this particular day, I really didn't want to try to do both the doctor in the morning and speech in the afternoon, and the doctor's office is far away. But now L was missing school and I reminded myself that at least the doctor can look in her ears and throat. Despite T's awful night of coughing, she was dancing around the doctor's office and everything checked out fine.

We headed home, ate lunch, then went to speech. Oh and I called potential preschool #1 to set up a visit for the next day. We were in the process of choosing a pre-K program for L next year. We are "holding him back" or "redshirting" him: he turns 5 this summer, but we don't feel he's ready for kindergarten. Crazy day #1 = finished.

Also, at some point on Monday I went to Target and bought a humidifier for T's room. How did I manage to fit that errand in, I don't even remember!

Tuesday, T and I visited preschool #1 while L was at school. By this time, I have caught L and T's cold and am feeling miserable. I rested as much as possible knowing the next two days would be crazy.

Wednesday, I took L to potential preschool #2 for an assessment. The director wanted to meet him to see if he fits in their pre-K or their K1 classroom. She asked him a few questions and proclaimed him pre-K, which suits our needs perfectly. Then lunch, then speech. Crazy day #2 is over.

Wednesday night, hubby informs me that he has to be in Tempe by 8am the next morning. I have to leave for Scottsdale by 7:45am--so this leaves no one to take L to preschool. Thursday morning is T's speech evaluation (she is 20 months old and doesn't talk at all) and I scheduled it for 8:30am specifically so L wouldn't be there. Eek!

Thursday morning I rushed to get both kids ready to go while hubby headed to Tempe. I took L and T to the speech evaluation and apologized that I had to bring L with me. They put him in the office (so he could be supervised by the receptionists) and that solved the problem. Yea! The evaluation took less than 90 minutes (she scored 12-15 months on receptive language and 6-9 months on expressive--so she'll be getting therapy twice a week forever, just like L).

We collected L from the office and set up our future appointments and went on our merry way. Then lunch etc. and then went back to the same place for L's feeding therapy at 3pm. Before L got sick, he'd started eating hot dogs, but now he associates it with being sick and he won't eat them any more. Poop!

Once we were home from speech, crazy day #3 and insane week were over, praise the Lord!!!

Friday was a normal day, L went to preschool and I did as little as possible. I didn't even manage to make my cake.

So those were the big events of the week. This doesn't include all the feeding, bathing, housework, cooking etc. that took place as usual (and despite my cold). We also reserved L's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza and I sent invitations to school on Tuesday. Oh and yesterday (Sunday), the 4 of us went to a travel expo that was a lot of fun--T sat patiently in her stroller and L was great about not running off and he enjoyed all the free candy and exploring the RVs on display, while hubby and I gathered information about various Arizona vacation spots.

No successes and failures this week. The success was just getting through the week.

Movies (this includes those I would have reviewed the previous week)
-We rewatched Pandorum and I am upgrading my rating to a B. It was pretty good--it held our attention through two viewings, which is saying something. Still, it didn't make a lot of sense.
-Paris 36: lame, several plots, none of which went anywhere. C
-9: Cute characters and a cool look, but the plot and action were of Saturday morning cartoon quality. C
-Devil's Tomb: Wow, was this movie bad! And what was Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. doing among these B- and C-list actors? Bad! D (I was going to give it an F, but after all, we watched the whole thing rather than turning it off.)
-Cache: Hubby liked this more than I did (as is typical of foreign films). It was very intriguing for about 60% of the film and then the rest was like what the %^&*@!. And there was no resolution--which bugs me because I like everything tied up in a bow but my husband likes the mystery. I'll give it a C+ (because there were some cool elements at the beginning).

As you can see, we've been watching lousy movies lately. Please share your recommendations in the comments so we can rent some good movies, thanks!

Glee: As usual, I loved the music. Doogie rocked! As for the plot, I'm confused. I thought Jesse hooked up with Rachel to sabatoge New Directions, now Vocal Adrenaline's coach is Rachel's birth mother? So are they still sabatoging Glee or is the point to have Rachel meet her mom, and if the coach is Rachel's mom, then why is she trying to sabatoge her daughter's glee club?!

24: Jack is out of control and not very likeable at this point. And all of this because Renee was killed? Like she was the love of his life or something? He didn't even go this crazy after his wife was killed! Anyway, there are still lots of ends to tie up in tonight's finale. I'm curious to see if Jack survives....

This week should be much more pleasant--no therapies! Have a great week!

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