Monday, May 10, 2010

Week in Review

So this is basically a roundup from last Saturday through Sunday (yesterday). The week started off normally with school, speech, feeding therapy. Thursday night, two of my sisters arrived for a visit. They stayed at a resort down the road and the plan was for us to all enjoy time at the resort's many pools. Friday, L went to preschool, then I picked him up, then picked up my sisters and took us all to our house for an early lunch and then we'd head over to the pool. But almost as soon as we got in the house, L threw up. Of course I assumed this was just overexcitement with the aunts being in town, till I felt his forehead and he was burning up. Thermometer confirmed a slight fever (100).

So... change in plans! Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent taking care of L. My sisters went back and forth between our place and the hotel so they could still enjoy their vacation. (They even went out to a movie on Sunday.) Hubby and I were hoping to go out to dinner Saturday or Sunday night with my sisters babysitting, but even Sunday night we weren't willing to leave L (too unpredictable). I was feeling a little bit down about Mother's Day until I just said okay, what do I want to eat tonight?! I chose pizza even though we'd just had some on Friday night. I chose cheesecake even though neither of my sisters eats it. And we all hung out for dinner and after and opened gifts etc. and in the end (thanks in no small part to L finally feeling better) it was a very nice Mother's Day.

Feeding therapy:
This week we tried hot dog and L loved it. He had a hot dog with dinner Thursday night and got his sticker, but then as of Friday, he had a stomach virus, so no more feeding successes.

-I cut up a watermelon for the first time ever.
-Last Sunday (not yesterday, obviously), all of us went to church and made it through the whole mass!
-Made a delicious cake for my sister's belated birthday celebration on Friday. (I'll try to post the recipe soon.)
-Successfully salvaged Mother's Day (see above).

-I was out of clean straw-sippy-cups on Monday but I wanted to bring water with us to speech, so I brought another type of sports bottle instead. As I was getting the bag and kids out of the car at speech, I felt a gush of water down my back--the bottle had opened and spilled. Oops!
-I really lost my temper on Wednesday and yelled at my kids. :-(
-I didn't get my mother's gift to her in time for Mother's Day. Midweek I realized it was too late to get to the post office, so I put the card in the mail (I hope it got there on time) and I'll send her gift this week.

-I've Loved You So Long. I'd give this movie a B. It went at a nice pace, revealing just a little bit at a time, but ultimately wasn't that interesting except that Kristin Scott Thomas was speaking fluent French. :-0
-Frozen River. We only made it through about half an hour, then gave up. Hubby wasn't interested; I could've gone either way, but it was depressing so I chose to skip it. Maybe some other time.
-Rudo y Cursi. I'd give this a C+. It was enjoyable to watch but the characters weren't good people and the ending was disappointing.
-Pandorum. Another C. Good enough to keep us watching but not good enough to recommend. However, we might watch it again because we missed the beginning (this was on Starz, we caught it about 20 minutes in) and we missed a lot because I couldn't figure out how to turn the closed captions on on our upstairs tv (long story). So maybe a B-.

I loved Glee this week (the music, never the plot). The "Physical" video complete with Olivia Newton-John: priceless! And I adore "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I would really like to hear Jesse sing more. I didn't understand why all the guys were ticked at Rachel after her stupid video--because she lied to them? because more than one guy was in the video? because she used them? I didn't get it. Also, I assumed that Jesse, since he's a spy, had written the Glist, but then it turned out to be Quinn. What?


Catie said...

Sorry your little guy was sick!! Sounds like you made the best of it though! :)

MageeMommy said...

WOW! You were busy busy busy this week!!! Glad your little boy is feeling better. No fun when they have a temp etc.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So far(less than a day lol) he's liked putting things in the puzzle bags. wahoo! Maybe they'll stay together longer now. :)