Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--August 16

Last week I was on vacation, hence my lack of posting (though I did manage to link up my piggy tale). Did ya miss me? Meal planning was a little easier yesterday because we'd been away so we hadn't eaten any of our old favorites in at least a week. So here's what we're making this week. Sunday: hamburgers, tater tots, veggie pouch
Monday: flautas, black beans, Lipton rice
Tuesday: mayonnaise chicken, Lipton noodles, veggie pouch
Wednesday: steak, mashed potatoes, veggie pouch
Thursday: enchiladas, Lipton rice
Friday: grilled pizza

{Obviously, I don't have a problem with processed foods. What can I say? In this season of life, I do quick side dishes!}

For hundreds more menu plans, visit Org Junkie. What are you eating this week?

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