Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Few Small Changes

Okay, yesterday I talked about how we're taking L off of wheat. (We tried the GF spaghetti tonight and everybody liked it. The kids gobbled it up!) Here are some other changes I'm working on.

I need to do something about my appearance, I'm just not happy with myself right now. (The pictures snapped of me during vacation confirm my yuckiness.) I've cut down all the food I'm willing to cut down. I've broken my Twizzler habit, but I "need" my ice cream snack at night. My meals are fine (well, I should probably watch my portions) and my 4pm snack is okay if I stop after the pretzels and maybe a couple Hershey kisses. Since I'm not willing to "diet," that leaves exercise.

Inspired by this post (hat tip to Oh Amanda) to try small steps, I'm trying to incentivize the plan I've had for a while--to walk/move for 10 minutes a day. Turn on my iPod and just dance/pace/whatever. Right now, my "plan" is to do it at 10:30am, L gets a bottle at 10:30 like clockwork, so now I just have to remember.

Okay, the incentive: I made myself a sticker chart. 10 minutes of "exercise" gets me a sticker. 10 stickers equals a dollar. So I can treat myself at the dollar store (or iTunes) or "save up" for something bigger.

I came up with this plan early last week and I've only earned 2 stickers so far. Yep, I'm going gangbusters! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Obviously, this isn't going to drop me several dress sizes, but maybe I can fit better into the shorts I'm currently outgrowing. And it's healthy, right?

I have taped a little list to one of my kitchen cabinets reminding myself of my little goals. It says "Just for today"--so I don't get overwhelmed by big goals/projects. Right now the list has 4 things, including to exercise at 10:30. "Drink Coke only at meals"--because I can easily consume 3 cans a day, when my goal is 1.5 (half a can per meal). I'm trying to stop myself when can #1 is empty during lunch, but honestly I usually pop open another if I haven't finished eating. So now I'm really trying to stop after can #2 is empty at dinner. I allow myself to drink a few sips with my snack at 4 because I'm eating. Anyway, reducing my Coke calories also increases the amount of water I'm drinking, so that's all good.

"No grunting" is another reminder on my kitchen list. I've developed (and passed on to my kids) a grunting (or actually growling) habit. Here's a common scenario: I check on L who's been washing his hands for a long time, "okay, dry your hands," I say and L replies "I haven't gotten soap yet." Grunt. I don't want to go through life grunting nor do I want my kids to remember me groaning all through their youth. And because L knows I'm working on my grunting habit, he can take me seriously when I ask him to stop grunting.

Finally, "L sips" is on the list. We've gotten totally off track trying to move him from bottles to straws. Time is of the essence as the school days get longer and he has to drink his formula at school or he is a crabby mess by the end of the day. Thus, the goal is to have him drink a couple ounces from a straw once per day (an activity we've nicknamed "sips"). He has a neat reward chart where a pirate moves from 1 to 10, each time he reaches 10, he gets a quarter for his piggy bank.

Back to my appearance issues, I've started wearing makeup semi-regularly. I tried this once before a few years ago but stopped because I just don't feel comfortable, I feel self-conscious and fake and like everyone can tell I'm wearing makeup. Isn't that insane? I'm 35 years old, I'm entitled, even expected, to wear makeup. So back then I was using foundation, this time I've been using tinted moisturizer in hopes it's just a little lighter, less obvious whatever. But I now find myself having the same ambivalent and self-conscious feelings. I was pondering this on the way to speech (while wearing makeup) and wondering why I'm more self-conscious wearing makeup than I am when all my zits/blotches/scars are on display (i.e. without makeup). Right now, part of my motivation is that I spent $14 on the moisturizer so I better use it! That and the SPF is good, right?

Any advice on any of these goals/issues?!


Jenny said...

I just wanted to say I understand about losing weight and the make-up issue. I chuckled when I saw you have your own reward chart. :) I've started a new diet this week (Eat to Live), and I've already went down 2 pounds (which I'm sure is partly due to getting regular and not retaining water).

I'm not a big make-up person, either. I don't wear eye make-up because I don't really know how to put it on, and I think it looks strange on me. And I feel very self-conscious about liquid foundation, too - like I can't tell if it's even or smooth. I have been using Bare Escentuals for a couple of years. I'm happy with it! I mean, I'm not going to say I look hot all of the time with it, and it's not magic for my broke out, uneven complexion - but I think it has helped!

Catie said...

I agree with PP, mineral powder makeup is THE BEST! It doesn't look or feel like you're wearing anything, but hides all the imperfections. :) I used to use Loreal from walmart and now I use Mary Kay.. they're prob all about the same. :)