Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday--TV Shows

I love Top Ten Tuesday because you can make a list of anything, and I've got a totally random list for you today--10 TV shows of which I've seen Every Single Episode! 1. Little House on the Prairie. Although I watched this as a kid, it was in 1999 (after law school) that I watched all the reruns on the Hallmark channel.

2. The Brady Bunch. I think it's fair to say that after watching this in syndication (over and over) my entire childhood, there is not a single episode that I missed. I could probably say the same for Happy Days, Diff'rent Strokes, Mr. Belvedere, Cosby Show, Growing Pains etc., but I feel most confident about the Brady Bunch.

3. Thirtysomething. I watched this start to finish in reruns on Bravo in 2000. Even though I was only twentysomething at the time, I really enjoyed it.

4. Homefront. I absolutely loved this show! So sad it was only around for two seasons. I watched it at the time and also in reruns on Bravo in 2000.

5. Roswell. I was totally and completely obsessed with this series. I watched (and recorded on VHS) every episode. Obsessed!

6. Young Riders. Another obsession of mine (a few years earlier), but who could blame me? I was a teenager and the cast was full of hot guys. Never missed an episode.

7. Glee. Okay, so there's only been one season so far, but I've seen every episode they've made. {PS: if you aren't watching this show already, you should be.}

8. ER. I watched in "real time" the first few seasons, then Hubby stopped liking it so I got out of the habit. Then I caught up through reruns on TNT and returned to watching it in primetime. It went out with a whimper, but I stayed until the end.

9. Chicago Hope. I watched on and off when it was in primetime, but I watched from start to finish in reruns (I think that was on TNT as well).

10. A Different World. My favorite show, possibly of all time! Love love love it, even today if I have a chance, I'll catch a rerun. In law school, it was in reruns and I taped it every day (again, VHS) and I'd watch it and keep episodes I especially loved (or record over the less-special ones the next day). Dwayne, Whitley, Kim, Freddie.....

What are some shows you've seen every episode of?

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Jennifer said...

I love Little House on the Prairie! I rediscovered the episodes a few years ago, and we are reading the books with my children now. I wish I were more like Ma....

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I loved A Different World! I haven't seen it in years. One of my favorite shows is Reba, but I don't catch it often...

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a fun list....but this old lady can only say she watched Little House!!
So you went on to law school? Are you going to share that next week?

Our son is preparing for the LSAT in October. He is excited, but still doesn't know if he wants to go on to law school...he will be doing it while working full time, so it will go slow.

Fun list!!!