Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet Hodgepodge 3

Cheesy Chicken recipe--Giving Up on Perfect says this is a family favorite so I'm going to give it a try {fingers crossed}.
Belle Squeaks posted about this Toddler Tote--sounds like a wonderful toy {it may go on T's Christmas list}.
I stumbled on this blog and her post on gluten-free favorites at just the right time! {We've recently taken L off of wheat, you can read more about that here.}
I love this piece of wisdom, God's Provision, from The Organizing Mommy!
Did you know there are fewer than 100 days till Christmas?! Two sites I know of are having helpful countdown posts to keep you on track and organized. I've subscribed through email so the inspiration comes to me daily.
-I followed 100 Days to Christmas last year and even though I didn't do everything on time, it was great to keep me on top of things.
-Simple Organized Living is doing a Clutter Free Holiday Countdown, need I say more?
Do you know of any other Countdown to Christmas blogs?
That's all I 've got this week. Go on over to It's Come 2 This for more Saturday Stumbles! Have a great weekend!


Ginny Marie said...

Christmas! I can barely think ahead to Halloween! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohh! I just checked out two books about Christmas from the library this morning. Thanks for the sites! :)