Monday, January 25, 2010

Resolution Stuff Continued

You can see my previous Resolution ramblings here. I considered just editing that post, but decided why not do a whole new post. Oh the creativity!

Okay, first I wanted to mention that 2009 was supposed to be my Year To Get Organized!!! Well, I tried hard and made progress (see my organizing tag in the sidebar), but I get such small bursts of time, it will be more like a Decade or Century To Get Organized. So this year I will continue on that journey. But, I would also like to add a little decorating this year. I threw up some art on my kitchen walls after Xmas (hopefully I'll post about that soon) and hubby did a great job hanging up our backlog of children's portraits on another wall, and it just makes everything perkier, happier, more of a home.

I am also trying to add two new (tiny) habits as this new year begins, inspired by all the new-year-posts around blogland. I don't know, they go against my lazy tendencies, I'm not sure how either will get off the ground, but here goes:

(1) make my bed every day
(2) wash the high chair tray after each meal (rather than before the next one as is my current habit)

I thought (1) would be a good model for L, who should start making his bed as a chore soon. Plus that's what normal people do. And then we don't have to remake the whole bed every few nights when the sheets and blankets have fallen completely off the bed and it's 11pm and we're exhausted. And (2) is just logical--wash it immediately and food doesn't stick and the tray is always ready if I need it in a hurry.

Finally, I'm not loving my word of the year: aspire. It's vague and ultimately uninspiring. I'm now thinking about the word grace. I need to give myself grace, extend grace to others, ask for and rejoice in God's grace, etc. So I'll be trying that word on for size for awhile.


Contemplative Mom said...

I've been out of blogland for a few months and it is great to be back.

I love that you are adding smaller new habits to your resolutions. And changing your word to grace. I tend to become over-inspired then get overwhelmed by resolutions so grace works well for me. =)

I also like your resolution to get back to church. We have a 2 & 4 year old and find it very challenging to make it each Sunday. Last week both our kids freaked out and no one got to sit in the service (though I did catch the first song the end of the sermon). God's blessings as you make that effort!

SusanC said...

Well, my NYRs were to Eat Drink and Be Merry -- I'm trying to work to my strengths. :)

I like your baby steps. I tend to be off and on about making the beds in the morning. It always looks so nice when I do it and it inspires me to keep the rest of the bedroom lovely, too.

As for the high chair, well, I kind of did the same thing you do.

I read your previous post as well and I am really going to have to buy that Glee soundtrack. I don't watch the show, but I listen while DH watches it. Love the music!

Faith Imagined said...

I have been trying to make our beds everyday because hubby likes it. I am not doing to well!

BTW, I love the word grace!