Sunday, February 14, 2010

Resolution Progress Report

I didn't intend to use my blog to keep me accountable to my resolutions, but the boys are camping out in the living room tonight and I'm blowing off steam before I hit the hay so here goes....

Making the bed. I'm doing okay with this one, to my surprise. I have never in my life been a consistent bed-maker. Even though it was one of my assigned chores growing up--my poor mother was constantly nagging about it--yet I never made it a habit. But these days compared to all the hard work I do, it's been pretty easy to pull the blankets up and call it good. It's not every day, but I'd say the bed gets made 75% of the time.

Highchair tray. I'm not any better at cleaning it off after each meal. Fact is, meals are really tough for me. I make food my food, T's food, and L's food--not much of it overlaps--and then T makes an enormous mess and L fights me over what, when, how much to eat. It's exhausting. So when we're done, I want to run screaming from the kitchen, not stick around and clean. However, when I'm in the kitchen between meals (to grab a snack, load the dishwasher, or whatever) and I notice the messy tray, I'm likely to wash it then rather than leave it for the next meal. That's progress, right? In any event, I like when it does come time to prepare the next meal and the tray is ready to go. So I'll keep at it.

Thank yous. It took nearly two months (no thanks to two weeks of stomach virus going around our house (excuses excuses)), but Christmas thank-you-notes are done! Obviously, there's much room for improvement, but it's progress.

Friendliness. Okay, this one I'm trying, I'm pushing myself, and hopefully I'm nodding and smiling more at strangers and greeting my fellow preschool parents. However, there have been several incidents where in hindsight I've realized I missed an opportunity to be friendlier, to speak out and help my fellow man. Work in progress.

Church. I'm happy to say the 4 of us made it to church as a family a couple weeks ago and it was a success. We sat in the "cry room" and L had fun interacting with the boy in the pew in front of us (staying quiet and within our row) and T lasted a good long stretch before I had to put her on my lap. Unfortunately, mass went on forever and the kids got restless and we weren't able to stay to the end. We left after an hour and fifteen minutes and Communion wasn't even over. Then we got the stomach bug and, based on its timing, I have to wonder if that's where we picked up the germs. So we haven't been back. We may try another parish, it has a smaller cry room but a shorter mass.

So that's where I am mid-February. How are your resolutions/goals going so far?


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