Thursday, January 21, 2010

TILT--Glee Soundtracks

The latest things I'm loving are the "Glee" soundtracks. I asked for the CDs for Christmas (volumes 1 and 2), got 'em both and they are my go-to music right now. (Now if only I could get my 4-year-old to let us listen to something other than Christmas music in the car!) In fact, I've just been listening to volume 2 while folding my huge pile of laundry. And now I'm listening to vol. 1 while I type this.
I love these kids. Lea Michele (Rachel) was born for Broadway (and I believe she's spent time there already); Amber Riley (Mercedes) could give Beyonce a run for the money; Chris Colfer (Kurt) belting the high notes in "Defying Gravity,"* I love you! Some of the songs are old favorties of mine like "Imagine" and "True Colors." Others I'd never heard of the original but I love the Glee version like "Take a Bow" or my new fave "Bust Your Windows." I even like their cover of "Lean of Me"--I have always hated (gasp!) the version that was a hit when I was in junior high (don't strain yourself, I'm 35).
Confession time: I love to sing and was in choir the bulk of my life (we're talking 7th grade through first year of law school, oh yeah baby, a capella in law school, I was one cool cat) so I totally love choral arrangements, harmony, falsetto--this is my thang.
Other favorites:
Don't Stop Believin'
Somebody to Love
Keep Holding On
Don't Rain on my Parade
All this is not to say I love every song, there are several I skip, but these CDs are tiding me over till the show returns in a few months. (April can't come soon enough!)
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thediaperdiaries said...

could not agree more. And if you love it you should check out the Glee station on It is all I listen to lately!!