Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TILT--matching pajamas

Today I am joining in Things I Love Thursday (my apologies, I can't figure out how to add the button).

I've told you before that I am lazy, so it shouldn't surprise you that I usually throw on a big t-shirt and flannel pants and call it pajamas. I can count on one hand the number of matching PJs I've owned in my adult life. But for my last birthday, Hubby gave me a set of matching pajamas. Now, to the naked eye, they aren't that exciting--a soft cotton, cool blue color with subtle snowflakes on the pants, long sleeves--but here's why I love them. When I stumble bleary-eyed into the bathroom before sunrise after a too-short night and spot myself in the mirror wearing something coordinated, I smile (at least on the inside, moving facial muscles at this time of day requires too much effort) because I look put together, at 7 am. (!) It's just a little extra joy in my life, and who couldn't use some of that? So to all those t-shirt-and-flannel girls out there, I say go get some pajamas that match, I bet you'll be glad you did. As for me, I'm thinking of shopping for a set of summer PJs, so I can keep on matchin' when the weather gets hot.

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Denise said...

I'm hoping to receive some Summer PJ's for Mother's Day. I tend to lounge around the house for a couple hours before getting dressed so it is nice to feel "put together"

Laura said...

This past winter I ordered a few sets of matching pj's. I got a great deal on them and they really do make you happy! Who knew!?

shopannies said...

I love PJs as well ones that look great to be around family and oh are so comfortable

The Messy Mom said...

Aw, I love how you are smiling on the inside LOL. I agree, there is something about looking cutesy and doing it for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I was always a t-shirt and flannel girl, but LOVED pajamas. Hard to justify spending on cute jammies, though, when I have a stack of tee shirts that'll do just fine.

I splurged on a pair for myself for Christmas morning (we give the kids new jammies on Christmas Eve), and fell in love with them. I've since bought a second pair.

It's nice to feel like I've made a little effort. :)

Taylor said...

Matching jammies are the best. When I first had my baby I lived in them!