Friday, April 17, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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First, thanks so much to Organizing Mommy for giving me extra motivation to clean my house--the chance to blog about it! Check out more blitzes at

I hate hand-washing pots and pans, that's probably my least favorite chore. Apparently, my husband hates it too, since our sink is always full of messy pots and pans.

I'm a believer in the principle that you can do anything for 15 minutes, which is why a 15-minute blitz is perfect for this task. On Monday, I set my timer and man, I checked the timer often, it felt like a loooong 15 minutes, but when there was 22 seconds left on the clock I only had two pans left and I filled them with soap and water to soak. And unbelievably, I returned later that afternoon and finished (totally unlike me)!

Yesterday (Thursday), I did another 15-minute blitz. This time my task was to clean up Easter. First, I cleared the kitchen table and 409'd the tablecloth. (How do you clean your vinyl tablecloths, wipe them down or throw them in the wash?) Then I headed to the bedroom, where I had piled all the extra loot from the Easter Bunny and gifts, and found places for everything. I actually had to pause the timer when T woke up but I got her situated in the bouncy, restarted the timer, and pushed on. The last minutes were spent folding the now-clean-and-dry tablecloth and putting it in the closet. Voila, mission accomplished.

I'm loving this blitz thing, I wonder what I'll blitz today. Thanks for stopping by!


Contemplative Mom said...

It is amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes. Great blitzing!

Organizing Mommy said...

That's great. I know hand washing can be such a chore! Here's how I noticed my maid handwashing, when we had a maid in Panama. You scrape off the goo of everthing and make a pile of what needs to be washed. Then, you can just soap up the dishes and leave them with the suds on in the side sink. Then you rinse a bunch of them at once. I always have a ton of handwashing, even with a dishwasher. 15 minute blitzes are awesome, especially if you are limited on energy!!