Monday, March 28, 2011

Organizing Challenge, Week 12

Week 12 was about grocery shopping. As I mentioned, we typically meal-plan on Sunday. Well the last 2 weekends, I made my plan and list and shopped on Saturday. That way, we were able to plan for that night (Saturday) and the next night (Sunday when my parents come for dinner)
and get the necessary ingredients. This seems to work a lot better than scrambling for what to cook Saturday and Sunday at the last minute, so we'll keep trying to do it this way.

As for making my grocery list, I keep a magnetic list pad on my fridge. Whenever we run out of something, I write it down. Then I write out the rest of the list when planning meals. I run through what ingredients I need for the week's dinners, plus staples for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I also try to look at the current Safeway flyer to see if there's anything on sale I need to grab.

All this makes for a pretty out-of-order list. If it's particularly messy, I'll re-write it, but that takes time and wastes paper. When Hubby does the shopping, he doesn't care. When I do the shopping, I like to make notes on the list to group things together. I'll write a letter next to each item {P=produce, C=cold, L=left, R=right, M=middle} so that when I'm in produce, I'm sure to grab all the P's (and so on) to cut down on back and forth while shopping.

Okay, I think that's all my thoughts on grocery shopping for the moment. The organized part, at least. There's always something I forget or run out of during the week, then I'll shop at Target or Walmart or wherever else I'm running errands. For more OYOL, go to Unsolicited Advice.

How do you handle your weekly food shopping?

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