Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, the Productivity!

I had a great weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were each good days (shocking--a three-peat!). Well today (Sunday) was a bit on the busy side for my taste, but the upside is I get to blog about how productive I was. ;-) Today I....

-made a double batch of gluten-free pancakes (to eat and freeze)

-(with Hubby's help) got a whole chicken and vegetables cooking in the crockpot

-loaded the dishwasher


-the whole family went to Sam's Club to look at furniture

-gave T a bath

{put T down for her nap}

-planned the week's meals and wrote a grocery list




-gave L a bath

-changed L's sheets

-changed T's sheets

My mom was kind enough to load bottles and sippy cups into the dishwasher while she was babysitting (and unloaded the clean as well). Yea, that saved me a chore. (It looks like she may have scrubbed my sink too. I should probably be insulted, but I'll just be grateful instead.) I know it's not an earth-shattering list, but that was a very productive day for me.

This post will be linked to Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes For Mom.

Speaking of being productive, Brenda from Unsolicited Advice has posted the assignment for Week 2 of One Year to a {more} Organized Life. We are to come up with the Bare Minimum tasks we want to do on a daily basis. Eek, I'm gonna have to think hard about that one (and possibly "cheat" by reading other bloggers first). I'll have that post up as soon as I have (the beginnings of) an answer. ;-)

S0 tell me, what are your daily must-do tasks?!

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