Thursday, June 11, 2009

TILT--baking stuff

I was baking brownies the other day and T was in the highchair so I was narrating what I was doing... and I realized that I was using two of my favorite things and this blog post was born.

I've had that metal bowl since college (making it roughly 16 years old, I'm 34) and it's my favorite for baking. It's big, indestructible and works well with my mixer (I have a handheld electric mixer, oh to one day have a Kitchenaid stand mixer). All my other mixing bowls are glass and perfectly fine, but this cheap nostalgic metal one is my go-to bowl for baking.

The other thing I love and use nearly every time I bake is a spoonula. I "discovered" these while watching "30 Minute Meals" with Rachael Ray. The ones I have are Pyrex and came from Target. True to their name, they are a cross between a spoon and a spatula. When I'm baking from a mix (cookie or brownie), I don't even need my mixer, just a spoonula to blend the ingredients and then scrape the bowl. These spoonulas are the best thing I've found for scraping bowls. You can see from my picture how little batter is left in the bowl and I probably could have scraped more but I like to eat the batter. :-) So instead of blending with a spoon and scraping with a rubber spatula, you've only dirtied one utensil. Love it!

I use the spoonulas for all sorts of other things, like stirring gravy on the stove (they are silicone, I believe, and heatproof to a high temp) or I'll use it for cooking when I'm out of regular spatulas. Totally versatile, I highly recommend them.

Makes me want to bake more brownies. For more things people love, check out Diaper Diaries. Thanks!

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