Monday, June 15, 2009

Blitz It Friday--Big Project Part 2

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Once again I'm late to the party. It took me till Saturday just to do my blitz then another two days to write about it. In the words of my cousin, a new mom, "Motherhood is busy." Here's what I accomplished last week.

Big Project
So my project is my foyer table and my goal was to spend 30 minutes going through the paper crap. Saturday, I gathered the "to file" basket, my new manila folders, and a stapler and sprawled out on the living room floor while the kids slept and hubby worked. Because my filing cabinet is a project in and of itself, I just made new folders for all the different topics as they came up. I went about 15 minutes past the timer for a 45 minute blitz. It felt like I was trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. I'm so aggravated that my house is a disaster area and I have no time to deal with it.

This is a busy week ahead, but I will try to do another 30 minute blitz. Also, I'll try to upload my "before" picture.

Weekly Blitz
Sunday morning I blitzed my kitchen table for 25 minutes. And I didn't even finish, that's how messy it was! I need a new system, everything gets dumped there. I managed to get through all but two pieces of mail, made a much smaller paper pile, and wiped down the surface.

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Contemplative Mom said...

Great job this week. You are right, motherhood is busy. =) I look forward to seeing pictures and continuing to follow your progress! Have a great week!

Organizing Mommy said...

I like the analogy of trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. It's hard to stay the course when the job seems overwhelming. That is part of why I use a timer. I can quit when the timer is done. The problem is that the timer goes a lot longer than I like! That is when the Lord steps in and helps. Remember, God is not the author of confusion. He can teach you more than any blog could ever do. Blessings.