Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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I know, I know, it's Saturday not Friday. Sorry it took me an extra day to post about this week's blitz! Once again, I was interrupted throughout the blitz but I persevered. In roughly 30 minutes, I:

-emptied the dryer
-folded towels and put them away
-moved sheets from washer to dryer and started it up
-loaded and started the dishwasher
-409'd the kitchen counter

I think there was more but I can't remember. That was Thursday. Today I set the timer for 30 minutes to tackle a project loooong procrastinated--setting up the Quicken software we bought over a year ago. It took more like 45 minutes but I entered all the info. Great, except now I have no idea how to use the thing. I think it was a big ole waste of money. Maybe hubby can make sense of it. Anyway, got that project off my list.

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1 comment:

Organizing MOmmy said...

Hey! Great job! don't feel bad! Life is busy, and we're all swamped. Nice to have you.