Friday, May 15, 2009

Blitz It Friday

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I had another busy week, that's two weeks in a row of a bunch of extra stressors, but we are done, finished, finito--yea! After preschool yesterday, I was done for the week. But housework waits for no man, so before I could rest, I convinced myself to do a quick blitz. I set the timer for 20 minutes and here's what I accomplished:

-loaded and started dishwasher
-went through annoying pile on the bathtub that's been staring at me since January
-cleared foyer of the mess from last week's trips to the pool
-threw away a dust bunny
-organized the bottled water and Coke cans in the kitchen that were jutting out and waiting to be tripped over
-moved last week's party trays from a bag in the bedroom (what were they doing there? just dumped with the rest of the clutter) into the sink

The timer rang and I 409'd the kitchen counter--the end. It was nice to conquer some of the messes that I pass by every day and say "I've gotta do something about that" but never do.

With preschool over for the summer, my weeks should be ever so slightly less chaotic, so stay tuned to see if I find more time to blitz. For more, head over to Organized Everyday. Thanks for stopping by!


Organizing Mommy said...

wow! I'm especially encouraged that you tackled something that has been sitting there since.. January? that's fabulous! Thanks so much for participating!!

Contemplative Mom said...

Great job. Blitzing is the perfect way to tackle those crazy piles that build up. Nice!