Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Piece Many Ways link-up

Well it looks like I haven't blogged in over a year. Hello! Yeah so keeping up on my blog hasn't been a big priority, but when I find something fun to participate in, I pull it out again.  Today I'm joining Audrey's Link-up at Putting Me Together. I went exploring the links and y'all are way more creative than I am, but I'm posting anyway and here's why. I live in Phoenix and it.is.HOT.  So I can't layer and throw on a chambray, and so forth but if you are stuck in a tee-and-shorts climate, then you've come to the right place.  Today I'm styling my red ruffle shirt from Target.  Love this shirt, I also have one in white and I'd buy it in more colors if I didn't fear being called "that ruffle shirt girl." So here goes:

First up, this is how I wear this most often:
Because I think that this is a nicer tee and these are my nicer shorts, I often pair them together.  But I forgot as I staged this picture that I usually wear it with my red Toms, but here I'm wearing my black fake-Toms (from Kmart).  I often don't bother with a necklace because of the crew neckline, but here I'm wearing my black beads. (Shorts are Lee from Kohl's, necklace was inherited from my grandmother.)

Second outfit:

This day, I wanted to wear my new tan sandals so I wore my tan shorts. (Sadly it turned out my shoes did not fit well and I exchanged them for a different pair of tan sandals.  Earth Origins from Famous Footwear.  Shorts are Gloria Vanderbilt from Kohls.)  I kept it casual with no jewelry.

This third outfit I often wear to church. Option A, red shoes:

Option B, black shoes:

I don't remember why, but this day I wanted to wear my black sandals, so I styled my outfit with a black and red necklace.  This skirt is actually a skort from Athleta that I absolutely love and I wear it all the time whenever I want to dress up just a little bit or look pulled together.  Find it here.

Bonus outift:

I've not actually worn this yet because the shorts are a bit tight, but doesn't the red shirt look great with the madras plaid? Actually, my friend thinks the combo is too busy with the plaid plus the ruffles. What say you?  Shorts are from Lands End.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I had lots of fun with this challenge and dusting off the old blog. You can see my style evolution, such as it is, by checking out my other fashion posts.  

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