Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday--Candy-Free Easter Baskets

Perhaps you are like me and have yet to gather your Easter supplies--don't worry there's still time. Here are my Top Ten Ideas to fill those baskets with things Other Than Candy. Since Leo had so many food allergies--especially in those first years, I couldn't put any candy in the Easter basket--I've been filling our baskets every year with stuff you can't eat. Here are my favorite basket-stuffers:

1. Clearance stocking stuffers.* After Christmas is a great time to get small toys for cheap from the stocking stuffer aisle. T will be getting a small princess and a Polly Pocket from there this year.

2. Clearance toys.* When toys went on clearance at Target (was that the end of January?), I got a few more toys, like a Power Rangers phone that will go in L's basket.

3. Sand and water toys. I remember it must've been L's second Easter I filled his basket with sand toys--in fact his Easter "basket" was a big sand bucket. Hopefully your stores (like Target and Kmart) already have a sand and water aisle going, I know mine do and the toys are cheap!
4. Money. Since I couldn't fill plastic eggs with jelly beans and m&ms, I thought of other stuff to stuff them with, including coins. Put 4 quarters in an egg and that equals a trip to the dollar store!

5. Socks. This was always a feature in my basket growing up (later tights and hose as we got older) so they always make an appearance in my kids' baskets, often stuffed in plastic eggs. The funner the socks the better.

6. Stickers. Alone or stuffed in an egg, what kid doesn't love stickers?!

7. One big item. Sometimes rather than filling their baskets with little "junk," I like to buy a more substantial toy. I think this year it will be a lego Batman set for L (his current obsession). T will get a set of generic barbies I got on clearance (see #2 above).
8. Something they need anyway. This year I plan to put a cute t-shirt in each basket. I usually just buy the cheapest tees for their summer wardrobes (Walmart for $5 or less) so it's a treat when I splurge on character shirts (a whopping $8). This year it will be Lego or Angry Birds for L and Disney princesses for T. Other ideas might be a beach towel, summer hat, water shoes etc. that you would buy anyway, but can pep up a basket.

9. Crafts. My kids love crafts so I usually throw in something crafty. This year I have a little clay thing to paint for each kid.

10. Dollar stuff. The dollar store or the dollar area of Target is where I go for "filler." I might get bunny ears or a hat. It's where I buy the plastic eggs I stuff. I also might buy a chocolate bunny for each kid if I can find one without corn syrup (plain chocolate is really the only candy L can eat). Bonus if it's more than one thing for a dollar--like 2 decks of cards or 3 pinwheels--one for each kid!

What non-candy items do you like to put in your Easter baskets?

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*Sorry these two ideas don't help when Easter is 2 weeks away, but next year you can be on the lookout when clearance comes around.

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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

We love putting money in Easter eggs. My Grandparents used to do that, so it makes me smile to be able to do it for our kids too.

Great list! :)