Thursday, March 25, 2010

TILT--Stuff for $1

Today I'm sharing a bunch of little things for Things I Love Thursday hosted by the Diaper Diaries. Each of these things cost me a single dollar yet has made my life easier.
First (top left), I got that little timer at Dollar Tree. Traditionally I've used the timer feature on my microwave, but at some point it became apparent that I needed an additional timer (e.g. timing the rice while cooking something else in the microwave). Now I use my portable little timer all the time whether it's to limit the time I spend on the internet or giving myself 15 minutes to clean/declutter. Very handy.
Next to that (top right) is a nifty dry-erase weekly calendar I got at Target's dollar area about a year ago (during gardening season). At the time I had been using this printable from
Organized Home. She has tons of great printables, check it out! It worked great, but I was going through a lot of paper, so when I saw this I had to have it. I love it! Every week (I mean to do it on Sunday, but it's usually Monday) I put recurring events (school and speech) on their correct days, then I look at my main calendar and add any additional events or reminders. If I've planned meals for the week (and hopefully I have) that day's meal is listed as well. Just basic, easy for me to see and not get ahead of myself, just one week at a time.
Below that (bottom right) is a butterfly net my son chose from the dollar area of Target one day while we were shopping (again around gardening season). It entertained him all while shopping and for hours of play since then. The bonus that I've found is I use it all the time to grab things that are out of reach, such as toys stuck under the couch or pacifiers under T's crib. You can't see from the picture but it has a nice long handle so it's been really handy. Love it!
Finally (bottom left) I'm sure you'll recognize one of those knee pads for gardening (again from the dollar area of Target). This I use for my knees while giving my kids baths. Works great, but as you can see, I've worn dents into it over the course of the year and just bought a new one from Dollar Tree to replace it. A dollar per year seems like a reasonable cost to spare my knees.
So that's what I'm loving this week--$1 home helpers. Check out what others love at Diaper Diaries. What $1 finds help you around the house?
PS Sorry for all the dashes between paragraphs, sometimes blogger doesn't recognize my paragraphs. Argh. Anyone know how to fix that?!


Damsel said...

I have two of those timers! One is for my son when he's playing (it goes off every hour or so as a reminder to ... um.. use the facilities), and the other is handy for lots of other things.

I love the ideas for the gardener's knee pad and the dry erase calendar board. I'm printing out menus every week, and I'd much prefer something like that calendar.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Contemplative Mom said...

Wonderful! I especially love the butterfly net. My son would have a amazing uses for it (in addition to fetching things from under the couch). Sigh... I miss Target...

Rebecca said...

Great collection of dollar items! I *love* Dollar Tree...went there this week, in fact! Nobody likes to go with me because I can browse and browse and browse..."Mom?! WHEN are we going?!"

Thanks for visiting me and commenting on the "front seat system"!