Thursday, October 15, 2009

TILT--Melamine Plates

A few years ago, I realized I wasn't getting much use out of my various serving trays. I have several, most were wedding gifts, but they were big and I never entertain or if I do, it's just a small group, and never formal (so the really nice silver trays have never been used). So for casual entertaining or just celebrating at home, I love melamine plates. Melamine is just a sturdy plastic, I think it looks nice (more substantial than cheap plastic) and I don't worry about it breaking. It comes in tons of pretty patterns and colors--I can always find them on display at Target for all the different seasons etc. And the dinner plate size is much more useful for me than a big tray, not to mention cheaper--I generally find them for $3 or less. Love that! So here's my collection so far: I bought the black and red ones at the same time, the turquise plate and bowl together (I know this is a post about plates, but I couldn't leave out my matching bowl), and then just the other day I picked up the round one at Target--I couldn't resist the colors. And not pictured is a "cookies for Santa" plate we use on Christmas Eve.

I think I've used the turquise stuff every Easter since I bought them, the colors go well with the spring pastels of the season. I used the round leafy plate the other day to put my birthday cake on. So even though I don't do much entertaining, these plates are nice for family celebrations. And they make me happy. :-)

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thediaperdiaries said...

I love these too. I use them all summer for outdoors cause they clean up easy and like you said, don't break. I love that you are making a little collection. I would love some more!

Life is Good said...

What a great idea, so you only buy one dinner plate? and then use it like a tray? Clever.
I really like those square ones.
They could be their own centerpiece

Kim said...

What a great idea! I love the idea of getting some seasonal plates for when I bring treats in to work.

Contemplative Mom said...

Beautiful plates! And a great idea to use them as serving trays.

I went back and read through your project blitz's to catch up on all your work this summer, since I have been offline for a few months! Looks great!

Diann said...

I have been seeing a lot of fun and pretty desins at Target in Melamine dishes lately! I think a lot of folks are going back to it!