Saturday, October 2, 2010

On My Mind

-Dinner drives me crazy. In fact, tonight I had to leave the room, L was not eating and was giving us the hardest time. He won't eat. He wants cookies and gum drops (fruit snacks) but won't eat his chicken nugget or vegetables. While I was gone, he started eating yogurt. Later, he ate watermelon. For that, we gave him dessert. WTF are we doing?! Meanwhile, T had started eating more than 10 minutes before the rest of us (because that's the only way to keep her from moaning/yelling at the gate) so she was bored and dropping silverware on the floor.

-I tried to make a Scholastic book order online and it just wasn't working. Over and over I tried and just kept hitting the same error. Poop! I really wanted to order online for the larger selection. Now it looks like if I want to place an order, I'll have to use the forms. Argh.

-I have been shopping for days. Thursday T and I went to Kohls. I tried on a thousand things and everything looked hideous (except one sweater vest that I decided against because it was black, I own too much black). I bought brown jeans and a white cami. Friday I went to Old Navy, Steinmart and Nordstrom Rack. Again, I tried on tons but only bought one sweater. (I tried on that sweater I liked at Old Navy. It was cute but itchy, so I passed.) Today, I went to Kmart to get a toy for T and browsed their clothes. Actually, I found a bunch to try on. A couple sweaters came close, but I didn't buy anything. Tomorrow, I plan to hit the mall. I have gift cards to Gap and Express, neither is my favorite store but I'm all for free stuff, and I saw a sweater I liked on Aeropostale's website, so I might try that too.

-Monday is my birthday (which is why I'm treating myself to clothes in the first place). Mondays are my worst day of the week. Hopefully, Hubby can get out of work a bit early. He's going to pick up Carrabba's for dinner. My favorite! (And IBS-friendly because the next morning I'm taking T to Scottsdale for a doctor's appointment--fun.) I've asked hubby to find me a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Then presents and putting the kids to bed, then I'm thinking chick flick. I may watch Young Victoria again. The thought of good food and chick flick will hopefully carry me thru the tough day.

-Tuesday I was eaten alive by a mosquito. I have 12 or more bites. At any given time, I have about 7 bandaids on. (I put Benedryl on the bandaid and it keeps me from scratching.) So I've been wearing jeans all week even though it's still over 100 degrees. 110 today. I'm hoping I'll be healed by my birthday. :-)

-The end.


Mom2three said...

I just had to stop by and wish you a HAPPY Birthday!!! I hope you're day is going well, that you're able to have some type of special blessing. Did your husband get Carrabbas for you? We love to eat there! I love the aprons and have a small collection of them. Hope you get a cute one!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope you found some cute clothes for your special day.

Eos Mom said...

Thank you both, I had a great birthday!

Mano said...


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