Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Becoming Jane Part 2

A week or so ago I DVR'd an episode of Conan O'Brien where Anne Hathaway would be a guest and discuss the movie. Well I watched the episode yesterday afternoon. The clip she brought was the one from the ball by the pool (for lack of a better word), a lovely, if anachronistic, scene. This is where Jane nose-dives into Lefroy for a kiss and they, ahem, make out. Now I had taken this scene to be a nod to our 2007 notions of romance and courtship (i.e. if we go to a chick flick, we want kissing). Well, after the clip Hathaway explained that this kiss was the 19th c. equivalent of Paris Hilton exposing her hooha to the papparazzi (i.e. scandalous and slutty). Duh (although I wouldn't liken it to public nudity, but yes, it was slutty). So this tells me the writers/director knew they were protraying Austen as a slut, just for the hell of it (or perhaps for the sake of ticket sales). WTF! So much for my notion that the writers were fans of Austen.

I'm so confused!!!

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