Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today's excursion

Today L and I went to "Fun Time 4 Kids," a play place I never knew existed till I got the June calendar for MOMS club. It was so much fun! There were only two of us from MOMS club but the other mom was my buddy J, so that was a treat. Our boys barely played near each other at all, but the place was laid out so that we could see our kids from wherever we stood, so J and I talked the whole time (well, minus the half-minutes spent wrangling our boys when one, usually L, was trying to steal a toy from someone already in posession). This never happens! Even at playgroup, conversations only happen in tiny snippets, although maybe that has to do with knowing everyone in the room instead of only one.... Anyway, the boys had so much fun they were easy to look after. J had to leave after an hour and a half; L and I stayed but only for another 20 minutes or so because he was getting tired and hungry (as evidenced by the tantrums he threw as I pulled him off stolen toys). How do you teach an only child how to share??!! Even with playgroup, MOMS club, gym class...I think I'm giving him opportunities to socialize, but not enough to make sharing sink in, so far at least.

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